Mission & values

Go therefore and make disciples...

our Mission

Our mission is to REACH people for Christ, helping them GROW in their love of Him, and GO into all the world and share the Gospel.

our values


Everyone deserves to be a part of a family that loves and respects them for who they are. We know that when we follow Christ’s teachings, our families are stronger, our marriages are divorce-proof, and our children go on to do great things for the Kingdom.


We believe in teaching people to live, act, think, and be like Jesus.

Weekend Experience

We will do whatever it takes to create an atmosphere where people can come and have an authentic encounter with the one true God.


We believe you’ll never look more like Jesus than when you’re serving someone who can do absolutely nothing for you in return. Our highest calling is to show people the love of Christ with not just our words, but our actions.

Foster Care & Adoption

Just as we have all been adopted into the body of Christ, New Life wants to make sure that every child in Jackson County has a family who loves them.

Life Groups

Life group meetings help us build community and connect with each other in life giving relationships.

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