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Challenging kids to answer God’s calling.


Our mission in the Kid's Zone is to challenge kids to answer the call of God, who empowers them to live out his call in their day to day lives by spending time doing what he instructs them to do.

Time in Prayer – 1 Thessalonians

Finding that all important time to get alone with God to talk with him and listen to him, to intercede on behalf of fellow believers, to pray for the lost, the hurting in those in need.

Time in God’s Word – 2 Timothy 2:15

Spending time in his word, the Bible letting it speak to them, and growing them into the church children of God that he wanted them to be.

Time Evangelizing – Matthew 28:19-20

Spreading the good news of God‘s love as demonstrated by Jesus who took our place and paid the price for our sins, and following his example in their day-to-day interactions with each other.


1st Service

9 am

Classes for Nursery - 5th grade.

2nd Service

11  am

Classes for Nursery - 5th grade.


7 pm

Classes for Nursery - 5th grade.

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