Welcome to the New Life Resources Page

The resources you will find on this page are here to help you dig in to your faith and grow into the person that Jesus wants you to be. These resources come from the New Life Staff and are vetted to fit our mission and values.

A Note about Bible Translations

People often ask what the "official" Bible translation of New Life Church is. We don't have one. However, we do prefer some translations over others. We teach primarily from the New International Version (NIV), English Standard Version (ESV), and New Living Translation (NLT), but the pastors and staff also read The Message and Passion Translation. The best Bible translation is the one you read. For young readers, we recommend either the NLT or NIrV.

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YouVersion Bible 

Read any of more than 2,000 translations of God's Word. Read the Bible with friends and comment on devotions. Share prayer requests and connect with needs around the world. Have a copy of the WORD on the device that is always in your hand.

Bible App for Kids

Animated Bible stories for even the youngest reader. Enjoy the Bible with your child and read the stories together. Set habits of Bible reading at the youngest age.

Project Six19

Talking to our kids about sex isn't easy. Project Six19 provides teaching, blogs, podcasts, and curriculum to help parents talk to their kids about what it means to be a Christian who is created by God as a sexual being.

Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology

Lisa loves to say that theology is just a conversation about God. Join her as she opens scripture and makes theology just a conversation about God. You can access the podcast wherever podcasts are available or listen on the Accessmore website.

The BibleProject

Have you ever read something in the Bible and not understand what you just read? The BibleProject aims to explain the scripture in a way anyone can understand. You can check out their podcast on all podcast services, or you can check out their unique YouTube channel below.


If you are looking for a personal discipleship course to walk through, check out the lessons from River Valley Network. This series of videos will walk you through a discipleship course to strengthen your faith and give you the foundational knowledge you need to study the Word of God for yourself.

My Bible School

Are you looking for a Bible study that is more than a devotional and less than Bible School? Are you ready to dig deeper into the Word of God with guided reading and ways to improve your Bible study habits? If that's you, check out My Bible School and subscribe to their passage of the weekly emails. You'll find a rich resource for studying the scripture verse by verse.

Family/Parenting Resources in Print

Are you looking for help to lead your family in a culture that seems to push your boundaries daily? If so, check out our Amazon books resources list. One or more NLC staff members has read each book on the list and recommends them to you to help establish a vision for your family.

Fearless Mom podcast & blog

Being a mom is complicated and sometimes full of fear that we will somehow damage the precious kids God has given us. This podcast aims to help you be a mom who parents without fear.

FamilyLife Blended

FamilyLife Blended® is a ministry to blended/step families. Tune into this podcast for help with marriage, divorce care, parenting and other topics affecting blended families.

The Rizers

Are you looking for ways for your kids to learn scripture and enjoy music at the same time? Watch The Rizers on YouTube here at this link or follow them on Spotify.